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Green English lessons

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The idea of ReMedia is Wall Street Institute to dedicate a space to Green English each collaborating for his own part. Of the value of technological waste (kingdom of ReMedia) we speak more and more and English (kingdom of WSI) is indispensable: so why not do something useful together?

Said and done. How do you translate recycling? IS energy saving? There are many terms of the green economy now present in common language, but many do not know the correct English equivalent and rarely find traces of them in school books.

Thus was born the collaboration betweenReMedia, among the main Consortia for eco-sustainable waste management technological WEEE isWall Street Institute, company of Pearson Group and leader in teaching English to individuals and businesses around the world, to combine sustainability with the study of English.

Such as? With the go-live on the Facebook pageof the Consortium ReMedia of the initiativeLet's speak Green English to compete with your English on words belonging to the green world. Until the end of June the ReMedia FB page will host mini lessons of Green English published periodically following three main lines: recycling and waste, technological waste (large and small household appliances, IT and consumer electronics, cells and batteries), Sustainable Development.

Until the end of June, every day, a flash card with a new word will be published on Facebook with translation and pronunciation for learn green English better. It will be enough to connect to begin to become familiar with an increasingly important part of the English language at work and in everyday life.

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