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Undernutrition, 3 million children die a year

Undernutrition, 3 million children die a year

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While in the West the rates relating tochildhood obesity, hunger continues to be combated in developing countries. The problem of malnutrition of children it is a plague that affects 40 percent of infants under the age of five in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. If in the West the consequences of malnutrition are diabetes, heart disease and metabolic disorders, in the "South of the World " the consequences of malnutrition they are devastating and irreversible every year three 3 million children die.

Undernourished children suffer from delays in brain development or deficiencies in the immune system. Rickets is one of the most obvious consequences of infantile malnutrition. A pregnant woman needs more nutrients, if the embryo and then the fetus she carries in her croup does not receive enough metabolites, it will lack the development of vital organs, this means permanently marking a life even before giving birth.


That of malnutrition is such an important theme that it ends up as the backbone of Expo 2015Feeding the Planet, energy for life ". Fight the Hunger in the world It does not only mean tackling a health problem but also guaranteeing work and improving the quality of life of millions of people, promoting the development of remote locations around the globe, reducing poverty and promoting economic growth up to guaranteeing education. Aid should be targeted and supervised to avoid a further gap.


There nutrition, like theaccess to water and at medical care, should be rights fundamentals of man and not the privileges of the rich West. According to the United Nations, the problem of malnutrition costs Central American countries something like 11% of the national gross domestic product. There European Commission has set out to reduce the number of undernourished children by 10 percent within the next 10 years, bringing them to 7 million by 2025.

Video: Two million children Suffer acute Malnutrition in Nigeria (May 2022).


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