How to save energy in the company

How to save energy in the company

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How much electricity does my company consume? When and where? You understand these things you can take action for optimize energy expenditure, perhaps discovering that to deflate the bill it takes simple daily precautions and the retirement of an old too energy-intensive device. This operation is called consumption assessment, in fact, an evaluation of how much-when-where electricity is used (and paid for).

How to do a basic energy assessment? Here is the point. Even for those with good basic electrical knowledge it is difficult to draw a precise picture, it would take a trace at least to begin with. He can help Efficiency Quotient, a simple and quick online questionnaire that allows users to make an initial assessment of their energy management capacity. The service is offered by Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, and is aimed primarily at companies.

Efficiency Quotient allows you to carry out a basic analysis to understand how improve their efficiency energy also providing elements of comparison and suggestions on actions to be taken to reduce the cost of energy and improve efficiency. After completing the questionnaire, you receive a score (on a scale of 1 to 5) which includes a comparison with the results obtained from other questionnaires, filled in by users who work in their own field: managers of building management, data centers or industrial plants and energy managers.

Based on the score recorded with Efficiency Quotient, Schneider Electric provides customers with some recommendations and offers access to white papers, web pages and other useful tools to guide the process of improving theenergy efficiency. Efficiency Quotient it also offers company managers the opportunity to determine the 'Overall efficiency quotient' of the company, asking the managers of the different areas to fill out the questionnaire.

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