Limbo, the robot that cleans the house for free!

Limbo, the robot that cleans the house for free!

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In 2010, the Japanese market saw the sale of a robot with the appearance of Hello Kitty, the robot he had the job of keeping the house clean. Hello Kitty was not the only one Assistant robot of Japan, in this country there are robot capable of washing dishes, sweeping, loading the washing machine, dusting… such robot however they require a large amount of power, thus, the daily cost of theelectricity used to satisfy the energy hunger of the robot.

Energy efficiency is overwhelming every sector so, on the occasion of the International Housewares Show 2013 held in Chicago, it was presented Limbo, the robot that cleans the house without the need for refills, electrical cables, wires or batteries!

We have all imagined, at least a hundred times, of clean house by magic, perhaps only with the power of thought, to rearrange and rearrange without moving a muscle. L'hygiene it's important but housework… it's so boring! Designer Elliot Cohen shares this thought and so he designed Limbo.

The Limbo robot cleans the house by thoroughly removing every speck of dust and in addition satisfies its electrical needs by drawing energy from dirt! The process is called "microbial electrolysis " and it is thanks to this that the robot it feeds itself. The energy used by robot derives directly from bacteria present in the dust it sucks up. The Limbo robot can he to climb and also clean the stairs, the wheels are designed to "survive" any domestic obstacle. On its structure it incorporates a camera and sensors.

The dust and all the dirt that the Limbo robot aspirates, ends up in a sort of compost bin, here a chemical reaction is able to produce the energy necessary to power the small electric motor of Limbo.

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