Electric car breakdown: what to do?

Electric car breakdown: what to do?

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Beautifulelectric car, but what if I remain in need of a breakdown? The first thing to know is that not everyone can intervene and that there are precautions to be taken. For example, before putting your hands in the hood you need to make it safe, so you need to discharge capacitive voltages of the vehicle. FurthermoreTowing with the front wheels suspended is prohibited because it may generate high voltage current during transportation. Specialists, suitably trained technicians are needed to avoid amplifying any damage or even causing accidents.

From today, however, do not worry because the first service of roadside assistance dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles. The initiative belongs to the Group IMA Italia Assistance and is based on a specialized rescue network for greener cars: a certified and complete assistance network, able to intervene for the safety of the hybrid and electric cars throughout the national territory.

“Faced with a rapidly expanding market, we have set up a specialized network - explains Nicola Albarino, manager of the supplier network of IMA Italia Assistance -. Hybrid and electric cars need special specialization and not everyone can help a stranded motorist. This is why we have trained every single Ima Center with a specific course to arrive at what is technically called Level 1 qualification: IMA is the first certified assistance company to have a fully enabled network ".

With a high fuel cost (the price of gasoline alone in the last 8 years has risen by about 70%) and an increasing one environmental sensitivity also imposed by the continuos traffic limits for polluting cars, the attention of motorists to electric and hybrid vehicles it has increased exponentially.

The data Unrae (National Union of Foreign Motor Vehicles) describe an impressive increase over the past decade: the hybrid and electric cars registered went from 153 in 2002 to 7,660 in 2012; with a 40% jump in sales in the last two years alone. The growth trend is also confirmed by the first two months of 2013 with 2,001 vehicles registered.

The attention that car manufacturers have put into the design of new hybrid solutions has grown, studying increasingly ecological but at the same time complex solutions, and proposing highly innovative models. The latest addition is the new mechanics that combines diesel power with electricity which saw its debut in 2011: in just two years the number of cars registered increased from 14 to 1,487.

These are still quite small numbers when compared to the entire car market, but they are numbers that highlight new needs and require new solutions. No car is immune to the unexpected.“A key thing to know is that when you are stranded with an electric or hybrid car not everyone can intervene. The intervention methods used for traditional thermal, petrol and diesel vehicles are not applicable. Electric cars have specific characteristics and are different from each other ", Arbarino explains.

The IMA Italia Assistance Group boasts a growing capillary network made up to date of 500 road rescuers able to intervene anywhere, in a timely manner 24 hours a day throughout Italy. “The al-in-one formula of our centers - Albarino specifies - is a further distinctive element of the network: the IMA center, in addition to carrying out roadside assistance, also deals with the repair of the vehicle, workshop and bodywork, and the supply of the replacement vehicle. All 24 hours ".

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